Within the coming months we have been given the opportunity to construct a 144m² dwelling in Dungannon to the Passivhaus / Passive House standard. We believe that Passive House methodology offers building construction the only "joined up" approach to the main challenges facing good quality internal environments. These factors are broadly:

U-Values / Heating / Ventilation / Thermal bridges / Solar gains / Overheating

Passive House offers a balance between these key factors, it will guarantee the inhabitants a pleasant and healthy environment that can be enjoyed now whilst building regulations catch up.

Throughout the construction cycle we hope to write about our experiences, showing how it is possible that this high standard can be realistically achieved.

Much thought was given top the appearance of the building, as many surrounding houses are of the "Arts and Crafts" style of architecture it was important that any new build wouldn't be incongruous. We consciously stood back from this design process so as not to prejudice our client's decision making, this was in attempt to dispel the myth that a Passive Houses looks like a contemporary German box.